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October 19, 2014
Android Stuff / How to Clear Your SIM Card of Messages

Just had this message pop up on my Samsung Galaxy Ace 2x informing me that the SIM card was full. Think it was the third time, and I had yet to figure out where to delete the data stored on the SIM card (couldn't find much on the Net about how to do it either, or I wasn't looking in the right place?)... well, until now that is. So here are the steps.

First, click on Messaging (yellow and white envelope icon). The title bar at the top should read as "Messaging", and you should see a long list of names and last message displayed (if you have friends that is, and if you have bothered to message any :)). If the title bar reads as "New message", click on the Return key twice (icon will loop and arrow thingy), and you should be back on that long list of names. If the title bar reads as a name or telephone number, which means you had been actively messaging that particular person and did not log out proper so to speak, click on the Return key once, and it should bring you back to that long list of names. Phew! This has to be explained since having any of those two screens active will NOT have the SIM card clearance option show up at all, which is what drove me nuts for awhile.

Secondly, if/when you find yourself in the Messaging lobby full of names and last message displayed, click on the Menu key (bottom left most of your phone next to the Home key). Then click on Settings (white gear icon). Now the title bar should read as "Settings".

Thirdly, scroll down the screen about 1/3 of the way, and you should find an option that reads as Manage SIM card messages under the heading  Text message (SMS) settings . Click on it, and your title bar right at the top should now read as "Manage SIM card messages". You should see a display of all the messages that are stored on your SIM card there. Click on the Menu key, and you should finally be presented with a short list of options to delete one or all of the messages.

I hope this arguably little tutorial helped some folks. :)


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