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January 5, 2010
Computer Stuff / Happy New Year… and Microsoft bug!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Yep, this is *my* year... the Year of the Tiger! :) It's been an interesting ride the last 4 days... eating (more like gorging on) wifey's freshly baked bread, researching on going to law school until one look at a sample of the LSAT pretty much gave me an endless headache that will rival me wifey's migraine. And of course, who can forget an annoying computer bug thanks to Microsoft's newest operating system, Windoze Seven. Just what I need to keep things interesting.

"The action can't be completed because the file is open in windows explorer."

Yeah... right. So, Explorer's got a chokehold on one of my files and wouldn't let me rename nor delete it. Yes, I have configured the permissions correctly, giving myself enough control to supposedly smash the file to smithereens if I should have wished it so. Unfortunately, it was all an illusion. How cruel of Microsoft. No matter. I still *smile* through it just as one of my many past martial art instructors had advised regardless of the circumstances. He taught me well. And through an enlightened peace of mind I discovered... tadaa... LOCKHUNTER.

Check out

Unlocker has had its glory days with XP (thanks for the memories while it lasted), but this newest bomb of an atom literally tore Explorer's chokehold on my file to shreds, leaving the file finally at my mercy to do whatever I wanted to do with it. Here kitty kitty... HEY, where ya going? Wait till I get my hands on...


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