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May 17, 2014
Computer Stuff / mp4Cam2AVI: ERROR moov atom not found

Been having problems getting mp4Cam2AVI to open an mp4 video I had just generated via Handbrake. Tried processing different videos via Handbrake, but trying to open them all in Mp4Cam2AVI would always give me this "ERROR: moov atom not found". Something to do with the moov atom (index information in mp4 files) being relegated to the back of the file instead of being at the beginning.

So I Googled, tried my hands on a couple of repair tools like AtomicParsley, but I couldn't make heads or tails with it. After a little more digging while trying to associate Handbrake with the atom error since it's ironic that all of the videos it processed would share the same error, I finally found a solution, which was pretty simple actually.

All I had to do in Handbrake was make sure Web Optimized was checked! I then tried to open it again in Mp4Cam2AVI and it gave me no more attitude. :)



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