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December 14, 2015
Computer Stuff / Youtube on Opera Browser Fullscreen Fix

I was watching a trailer on Youtube today on my Opera Portable browser, and had accidentally clicked off some annoying pop-up that says " is now full screen... Remember my choice for this website - Allow - Deny". Desperate to get rid of the annoying pop-up as quick as possible so I can watch the trailer in peace, I had chosen "Deny". Ouch! Bad choice indeed, 'cuz every video I watched on Youtube ever since then cannot be fullscreened anymore. I looked around the Internet for a solution, and finally found a website which provided a working solution. Here are the following steps.

1) Click on Opera button at the top-left of browser window.
2) Click on Settings.
3) Under Settings, click on Websites.
4) Scroll down the page and look for Full screen. There should be a button there that says Manage exceptions. Click on it.
5) Under Hostname pattern, you should see something like " Block". Clear it by clicking the X.
6) Finally, click Done. It should work now. :)



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