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December 8, 2015
PC Gaming / Star Wars: Dark Forces Mission V Secrets

Mission V: Gromas Mines was a great level to map... for secrets that is. Why? Because there was just four, FOUR miserable secrets with a value of 25% for each. That, and ALL FOUR secrets are located around the same small area, with two secret areas located within a secret room itself! Imagine that! That's 75% alone in one room!!! The catch is this though. Unlike some levels where you can backtrack and look for secret areas, in this level you have to hit the secret areas BEFORE you go any further. This is of course if you want to do it the legit and non-cheaty way. The moment you go too far and squeeze down over a platform, there is no going back. The elevator at the end at the start of the level you used to get up earlier will not lower itself down again, so you can't backtrack that way either. I had learned this the hard way, so be careful with this level. Have fun. :)


Secret #1 (25%)


Coordinates: X:0071   Y:21.0   Z:0309   H:5.8

See that distant wall far ahead on the right? DO NOT GO OVER THERE until you have gotten all your secrets.


Secret #2 (25%)


Coordinates: X:0086   Y:20.0   Z:0294   H:5.8


Secret #3 (25%)


Coordinates: X:0057   Y:20.0   Z:0294   H:5.8


Secret #4 (25%)


Coordinates: X:0119   Y:18.0   Z:0332   H:5.8


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