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December 12, 2015
PC Gaming / Star Wars: Dark Forces Mission IV Secrets

Two keywords basically characterize Mission IV: Research Facility - cliffs, and ceiling turrets! As you can imagine, falling off cliffs isn't fun. But what really takes the cake are the ceiling turrets! I HATE CEILING TURRETS! Why? Because they take a chunk out of your shield and health when hit. And they hit HARD. Pixellated graphics don't help either, and by the time you spot them, that is IF you spot them, you'd have by then taken a few shots. And boy do they hurt big time, and will set your few precious lifes to dwindling in a small matter of time if you're not careful.


Secret #1 (19%)


Coordinates: X:0212   Y:-11.0   Z:0427   H:5.8

Jump across, explore further in and up the elevator for more goodies!


Secret #2 (20%)


Coordinates: X:-085   Y:48.0   Z:0495   H:5.8


Secret #3 (20%)


Coordinates: X:-274   Y:-3.0   Z:0086   H:5.8


Secret #4 (20%)


Coordinates: X:-104   Y:-32.0   Z:0258   H:5.8


Secret #5 (21%)


Coordinates: X:-166   Y:7.0   Z:0275   H:5.8


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