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December 13, 2015
PC Gaming / Star Wars: Dark Forces Mission III Secrets

If you like swimming, you're gonna like Mission III: Anoat City (or not!). Except that you won't be wading around in water but good ol' sludge! Lots of swift currents, long drains, Dianogas, droids, basically one big friggin' maze of a headache in some areas especially the drainage. Secret-wise though, it isn't that bad. Why? Because three out of five of them are in pretty close proximity alone. You'll see what I mean once you scan the maps.


Secret #1 (19%)


Coordinates: X:0182   Y:-4.0   Z:0279   H:5.8

Up on the ledge there. Yep, if you're viewing it from where I am showing you, you have gone too far. Before you jump down the waterfall, there is a thin ledge to your left you gotta traverse around to get to where the arrow is pointing up there.


Secret #2 (20%)


Coordinates: X:0250   Y:-20.0   Z:0287   H:5.8

Jump down into the sludge once you're done with Secret #1, make your way to the landing nearby and you'll see the wall.


Secret #3 (21%)


Coordinates: X:0247   Y:-20.0   Z:0271   H:5.8

The cool thing about this particular secret is that it is INSIDE Secret #2. So there you go. You just killed off three out of five secrets! :)


Secret #4 (20%)


Coordinates: X:0192   Y:-6.0   Z:0348   H:5.8


Secret #5 (20%)


Coordinates: X:0167   Y:-4.0   Z:0538   H:5.8

Waltz or run all the way INTO the waterfall in the horizon, and you'll discover a secret area.


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