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December 25, 2015
PC Gaming / Star Wars: Dark Forces Mission I Secrets

Mission I: Secret Base is all about honing your jumping skills when it comes to discovering secrets. Yes, LOTS of jumping around. Well, lots of jumping around, AND falling if you're not careful. Not that you'll perish from a fatal fall or something. More like you'll have to find your way back up and re-try over... and over... again! At least for the first four secrets. The rest are pretty straightforward.


Secret #1 (14%)


Coordinates: X:0226   Y:0.1   Z:0336   H:5.8

Hit the switch and find your way upstairs. Notice in both maps provided that the switch and secret wall are on the same pillar, just on different sides.


Coordinates: X:0236   Y:20.0   Z:0335   H:5.8

The secret wall should now be open to reveal some goodies. Run and jump across to get 'em.


Secret #2 (14%)


Coordinates: X:0155   Y:22.4   Z:0423   H:5.8

Run and jump across (again!) to get that little goodie!


Secret #3 (14%)


Coordinates: X:0258   Y:20.0   Z:0218   H:5.8

In order to get across, you have to run and insta-jump (yet again!) onto the platform opposite from where you are standing. This one is tricky as you have only so much space to do a sprint and a split-second jump. Expect a lot of falls (unless you're really lucky) and retries. Can get very frustrating this one.


Secret #4 (15%)


Coordinates: X:0359   Y:23.1   Z:0390   H:5.8

Run and jump across, and then turn left.


Secret #5 (14%)


Coordinates: X:0456   Y:-9.0   Z:0273   H:5.8

Go through the door with the red symbol, and flick a switch on the wall inside. A section of the wall will open up to a buncha goodies.


Secret #6 (14%)


Coordinates: X:0166   Y:-14.0   Z:0321   H:5.8

This secret is located behind the elevator mechanism. If the mechanism is blocking entry, just go back up the stairs, take the elevator up, and find another way back down here again. Yes, it's as simple as that. :) No funky you-have-to-rush-back-here-again-before-the-elevator-suddenly-decides-to-descend-by-itself nonsense.


Secret #7 (15%)


Coordinates: X:0388   Y:-20.0   Z:0361   H:5.8

Beware of the wall. Clicking on it will revolve you along with it, so be prepared to blast your way inside to claim your loot!


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