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December 26, 2015
PC Gaming / Star Wars: Dark Forces Mission VII Secrets

Welcome to Mission VII: Ramsees Hed a.k.a. Thermal Detonator hell (or heaven if you look at it from a supply replenishment point of view)! That's right. Grans tossing them left, right and center without abandonment. And then there are them mines hiding behind crates, and energy barrels scattered around. Shoot/grenade one in the middle of a bunch and you set off a chain reaction of explosions. Yep, this is one of them levels where you can really get hurt, A LOT if you are not careful. In fact, you actually *need* to get hurt (more like blown up-ward, actually) in order to obtain one of the secrets, so keep your armour and health up as much as you can.


Secret #1 (14%)


Coordinates: X:-277   Y:-40.0   Z:0640   H:5.8


Secret #2 (14%)


Coordinates: X:-145   Y:-20.0   Z:0671   H:5.8


Secret #3 (14%)


Coordinates: X:-258   Y:-16.0   Z:0500   H:5.8

To get to this secret, firstly you have to run from one end to the other. So start from the bottom right of the map, run and jump onto the platform in the middle which will start rising, and then run and jump onto the bottom left platform. From there, follow the ledges until you come to a room with some goodies, and there will your secret be counted. In short, just follow my award-winning artwork of an arrow on the map. :)


Secret #4 (15%)


Coordinates: X:-162   Y:16.0   Z:0021   H:5.8


Secret #5 (14%)


Coordinates: X:-238   Y:25.0   Z:0484   H:5.8

So here's one of them painful puzzles to figure out. Yes, you gotta bleed a little (or a whole lot depending on the status of your armour and health) to get up there. And all you need is a little mine. Stick yourself against the stack of crates facing it, drop a mine, and continually press forward. The explosion will launch you in the air, and pressing forward will land you on the pile of armour goodies. BUT, thats NOT the secret, see? The *real* secret is in the newly blown hole next to it. Go in there, grab whatever, and voila, another secret counted. Yep, all this blowing-yourself-up-to-get-somewhere brings back good ol' memories of Doom and/or Doom II where I remember having to RPG myself into some secret area! :)


Secret #6 (14%)


Coordinates: X:-240   Y:9.0   Z:0573   H:5.8

Blow open the crate to access the goodies.


Secret #7 (15%)


Coordinates: X:-238   Y:17.0   Z:0588   H:5.8

This secret is just next door to Secret #6. And just like Secret #6, blow open the crate to access the goodies.


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