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December 27, 2015
PC Gaming / Star Wars: Dark Forces Mission VIII Secrets

Mission VIII: Robotics Facility's theme is ICE. Yes, lots of ice all around. Well, add conveyor belts, ceiling turrets and good ol' sludge to the mix, and you have an ice cold recipe for one helluva frigid playing time. Oh, and don't forget Dark Troopers in their various incarnations. Good luck. You'll need lots of it! :)


Secret #1 (11%)


Coordinates: X:0047   Y:2.0   Z:0494   H:3.0

Drop down the short ledge at the beginning, and crouch to enter the opening.


Secret #2 (11%)


Coordinates: X:-208   Y:-7.5   Z:0234   H:3.0


Secret #3 (11%)


Coordinates: X:-322   Y:-7.5   Z:0232   H:5.8

Crouch to get to the pointed area, and only there shall your secret score register.


Secret #4 (11%)


Coordinates: X:-277   Y:-7.5   Z:0237   H:5.8

The pointed area ahead looks familiar doesn't it? It should. It's just up ahead from Secret #3. Same deal. Crouch under and toward the area to get your secret counted.


Secret #5 (11%)


Coordinates: X:0002   Y:17.0   Z:0286   H:5.8

Yes, you can fit in those window slits! Crouch and jump to get through to the other side.


Secret #6 (11%)


Coordinates: X:-355   Y:14.0   Z:0245   H:5.8

See that switch with the red circle past the window slit on the right? Shoot that, and the door ahead will open. Run past the door all the way to the end (yes, RUN as fast as your feet can handle. Otherwise, the ceiling turrets around will make short work of you), and only there will the secret register. And no, that room with the red switch does not count as a secret (thank goodness!). You can try jumping through the window slit for the few goodies in there, but I didn't bother.


Secret #7 (11%)


Coordinates: X:-409   Y:13.0   Z:0192   H:5.8

Crouch and jump through the window into the room for some goodies.


Secret #8 (11%)


Coordinates: X:-410   Y:10.0   Z:0241   H:5.8

This is just around the corner from Secret #7. Run and jump across to the opposite belt ahead, and then just speed run through the window (you don't need to jump through the window). There will be a red door to your right. Open it and loot the oh-so-secret room! This is it for secrets involving running conveyor belts. Phew! Challenging yes, but them belts are absolutely annoying as hell!


Secret #9 (12%)


Coordinates: X:-218   Y:-40.0   Z:0391   H:5.8

Once past the opened door, if you walk a bit along the corridor up ahead, a wall to the right will open up behind you (which is where the arrow is pointing).


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