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December 28, 2015
PC Gaming / Star Wars: Dark Forces Mission IX Secrets

Mission IX : Nar Shaddaa started innocently enough. Nothing I needn't worry about in the beginning. There were the sprinkle of Gamorreans and Stormtroopers. Nothing I couldn't handle. Then I started coming across Thermal Detonator-tossing Grans! Again, since I had experience with those scumbags in the past, it wasn't anything new, and at least I knew what to expect coming my way. And I thought that was all there was. Unfortunately, I discovered to my fatal dismay a new breed of villainy in the mix - the Stouker Concussion Rifle-armed Trandoshans. Really nasty bad guys who can really dish it out... BAD! And they are almost everywhere in this mission. So watch your health - you can't access them secret areas and have 'em counted when you are dead!


Secret #1 (9%)


Coordinates: X:-026   Y:0.0   Z:-101   H:5.0

Shoot the red circled switch to activate and move the giant platform out of the way. Then you can access a small opening to the left of the wall ahead for some loot.


Secret #2 (10%)


Coordinates: X:-249   Y:36.0   Z:-198   H:5.8

Run and jump across to the opposite platform for more goodies and another secret counted.


Secret #3 (10%)


Coordinates: X:-161   Y:36.0   Z:-211   H:3.0

Click on the wall ahead, and it will open. Follow along the corridor until you come across a few mechanical compressors going up and down. To the left of the wall amidst the compressors, there is an opening for access to more goodies. Crouch and loot away. The secret will only register there.


Secret #4 (10%)


Coordinates: X:-134   Y:36.0   Z:-217   H:5.8

Just around the corner from Secret #3 here to the east.


Secret #5 (11%)


Coordinates: X:-313   Y:36.0   Z:-103   H:5.8

Personally, in my opinion, this has to be single-handedly the most frustrating secret to get to (until I figured out a way) among all the levels so far. I have tried simply running and jumping many times, but to no avail. Others have recommended grenade jumping. I have seen guys do it on Youtube, but I'm not that good at it. So, how did I get across there and still register the secret? Well, I improvised... with a mine! :) If you can run and jump all the way there, or even grenade jump, more power to you. But if it didn't work, well, you should find yourself at the bottom facing the wall instead.

Which is great, because that is where you want to be for this to work. Hug close to the wall by the corner, hold down your forward keystroke (which means you'll be continually running against the wall), right-click your mine (alternate fire), and after 3 beeps and a short pause, JUMP! Like grenade jumping, you are using the force of the explosion as a jump pad to propel you. Same thing with the mine. In this case, you are using the force of the explosion of the mine as a jump pad to propel you further up. It's all about timing your jump with the explosion. Good luck! :)


Secret #6 (9%)


Coordinates: X:-292   Y:24.0   Z:-237   H:5.8

See that particular section of the wall where the arrow tip is pointing to? Click on that specific wall to open it.


Secret #7 (10%)


Coordinates: X:-191   Y:32.0   Z:-356   H:5.8

Click on that wall to access the secret area.


Secret #8 (10%)


Coordinates: X:-203   Y:37.0   Z:-419   H:5.8

There is actually a wall up ahead where the corridor ends. Click on the wall to open it, and then run and jump across to the opposite platform.


Secret #9 (11%)


Coordinates: X:-038   Y:-60.0   Z:-236   H:5.8

Run and jump onto that narrow ledge, make your way around the passage, and then run across (no need to jump) to the northern platform with a door on the right. Grab some goodies to your left, and then open that door to reveal an elevator. When you hop onto the elevator going down, your secret will be registered.


Secret #10 (10%)


Coordinates: X:-579   Y:30.0   Z:-470   H:5.8

Thermal Detonate the metal door ahead, and enter to collect your rightful loot.


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