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December 29, 2015
PC Gaming / Star Wars: Dark Forces Mission X Secrets

Ever use your fists in the game thus far? If not, Mission X: Jabba's Ship will be a nice little introduction to using them. Not that you have much of a choice really in the beginning. Say "Hi" to your brand new punching bags with jaws - Kell Dragons!!! Ugh! Punch one and you'll see what I mean. Anyway, fists are fun to use against Gamorrean Guards though, and this level doesn't fail to disappoint when it comes to supply. Yes, it is FULL of Gamorrean Guards and... well, let's just say Jabba sure knows how to surround himself with the the kind of scum and villainy that I hate so much - grenade-tossing Grans and rifle-toting Trandoshans!


Secret #1 (11%)


Coordinates: X:0312   Y:-47.0   Z:0211   H:5.8

Click on the pointed wall ahead to reveal a secret area.


Secret #2 (11%)


Coordinates: X:0522   Y:-22.0   Z:0519   H:5.8

Activate the switch on the wall to raise the bridge, run to the middle of the bridge, turn around, and run and jump over to the opening. This has to be done fast as the bridge will only stay up for a short period of time. A little too slow and the bridge will sink back to the ground.


Secret #3 (11%)


Coordinates: X:0542   Y:-24.0   Z:0571   H:5.8

Do a simple mine-exploding jump to the opening above. Some walkthroughs say run and jump from the bridge to the opening. I am pretty skeptical with the run-and-jump approach with this one as the gap between the bridge and opening seem pretty far apart. I never got it to work even after numerous tries. Either way, if you can, good for you. But if you can't, you now know an alternative. Once you are done looting the area, STAY THERE! DON'T MOVE!! Now go and read up on Secret #4!!!


Secret #4 (11%)


Coordinates: X:0497   Y:-14.0   Z:0650   H:5.8

See that wall over there? Click on it, and it will open to reveal a stairway. Follow the stairway up until you reach an alcove. Across the room, you will see another alcove in the distance. Run and jump across to loot the other alcove and register yet another secret!


Secret #5 (11%)


Coordinates: X:0302   Y:0.0   Z:0296   H:5.8

A fresco of Jabba himself! Sheesh! Click on the fresco for Jabba's gift to you. :)


Secret #6 (11%)


Coordinates: X:0405   Y:3.0   Z:0236   H:5.8

Jump onto the counter and click on the designated wall to reveal yet another secret stash.


Secret #7 (11%)


Coordinates: X:0422   Y:-6.0   Z:0057   H:5.8

Click on that specific wall to open it.


Secret #8 (11%)


Coordinates: X:0339   Y:1.0   Z:0197   H:5.8

If you are looking at the pointed area from the same distance like I am, there should be a switch behind you. Flick the switch, and the wall should open up just like what the snapshot looks like. Go behind the wall, and there should be an opening with loot in it.


Secret #9 (12%)

Now this one secret is a major pain in the a$$, both figuratively and literally. Make your way around the pit to the other side, and then run and jump over to the second compartment. Some walkthroughs say flick a switch on your downward fall. I haven't gotten that to work on my first playthrough since I had no idea then exactly where the heck that switch was.


But now I do... from the bottom up! See that switch up the hollow compartment you just fell from? That's what you want to click on to open up a secret room elsewhere. If you are one of them uber-pros who managed to flick it on the way falling down, sweet. If not, there's still hope.

Position yourself exactly on Coordinates: X:0274   Y:-32.0   Z:0009, and FACE NORTH! I can't stress the direction enough. Double-check your map if you have to. You don't wanna blow yourself up for nothing (pun intended). Get ready your mine, alternate-fire drop it, and then when it's about to explode, keep pressing "E" continuously to spam use/activate until you hear some buzzing sound (that's the sweet sound of a secret wall opening. :) Down there in the pit with the Gamorrean guards, you will see an opening. Go in, take in the wondrous sight, and earn another secret recorded.


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