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December 31, 2015
PC Gaming / Star Wars: Dark Forces Mission XI Secrets

Whoever designed Mission XI: Imperial City must seriously have a fetish for platforms. Seriously, four out of five of the secrets are platform-oriented, and this platform madness isn't just limited to secret areas alone. In fact, the whole level is full of platforms! Half the time I had no idea where to face what when the platform starts moving up/down. And of course, wherever it stops, you can expect the usual Stormtroopers (it IS an Imperial facility after all) and/or droids just waiting to lend a hand to depleting your hitpoints. The much-dreaded ceiling turrets make a minor appearance throughout this level as well. Minor yes, but enough to put a serious dent on your health if you are not careful. And so, you have been warned.


Secret #1 (19%)


Coordinates: X:0923   Y:170.5   Z:0479   H:5.8

Go right up to the wall, and click on it. A panel below will open. Go through it, and a platform will bring you up to a seriously-you-call-this-a-secret area.


Secret #2 (21%)


Coordinates: X:0449   Y:115.5   Z:0067   H:5.8

Position yourself right in the middle of the Emperor's face. Click "E" to use/activate to slide open a panel to reveal a white button. Shoot/punch the white button, and the platform will bring you up to a nice little goodie around the corner!


Secret #3 (20%)


Coordinates: X:0388   Y:124.5   Z:0038   H:5.8

Shoot the red bullseye! When the platform descends, another red target will be revealed. Shoot/punch the new target on the wall. The platform will then ascend, and you can claim some loot.


Secret #4 (20%)


Coordinates: X:0531   Y:148.0   Z:-223   H:5.8

While riding the platform down, look towards one of them alcoves toward the northeast. They all look almost the same, so pay special attention to the Y coordinate as the platform descends level by level.


Secret #5 (20%)


Coordinates: X:0757   Y:194.0   Z:-132   H:5.8

Edge carefully along the thin ledge to the above coordinates. May I suggest you engage WALK instead of RUN when you do this? :P


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