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January 2, 2016
PC Gaming / Star Wars: Dark Forces Mission XIII Secrets

Just like Mission XII, Mission XIII: Executor only has two secret areas. The lull before the storm they say. Still, this level is chock full of supplies. Which is great since this is the second last mission before the finale. I don't know about you, but I always like to load up before the finale because you just never know how much of a nasty piece of work the end boss can be. Well, end bosses usually are bada$$e$. It's just a matter of to what degree. And so, every piece of ammo counts just as much as every med kit and shield you come across. Anyway, mainly lots of Stormtroopers, and several Dark Troopers. Yep, them Dark Troopers are showing up more frequently, which can only mean one thing - there will be more of them in the Final Mission. So lock and load up!


Secret #1 (%)


Coordinates: X:-666   Y:92.0   Z:0216   H:5.8

On this fifth platform, flick the switch around the corner of this control pillar. The northern part of the wall should open up to reveal a small alcove. Run across into the alcove and load up.


Secret #2 (%)


Coordinates: X:-595   Y:-8.0   Z:0142   H:5.8

See that little panel at the bottom of the wall around the corner? So much for it being secret!

So there you go ladies and gentlemen! The end is nigh. Are you ready for the finale? Here it comes...


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