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January 3, 2016
PC Gaming / Star Wars: Dark Forces Mission XIV Secrets

Mission XIV: Arc Hammer is massive, as in massively challenging (I am guessing it's even more so in Hard mode?!). Anyway, yeah, you guessed it - Dark Troopers galore. Five secrets in total with Dark Troopers sprinkled around the map, some more concentrated than others (at least they don't respawn like the white suits do!). The annoying conveyor belts make an appearance as well as the much-despised ceiling turrets - the former designed to frustrate while the latter simply present to blast you into oblivion in one last desperate attempt. Good luck! And with that, I hereby present to you the final secrets guide for the final mission level of Star Wars: Dark Forces. Use it wisely, and may the Force be with you!


Secret #1 (19%)


Coordinates: X:-056   Y:122.0   Z:0181   H:5.8

See that little corrider tucked away into a corner? Simply run and jump across to get to it.


Secret #2 (20%)


Coordinates: X:-395   Y:136.0   Z:-021   H:5.8

Run and jump towards that red switch on the pillar and flick it while falling. Now make your way back towards the room with the red circled door earlier where you faced the Dark Trooper.



Coordinates: X:-306   Y:92.0   Z:0002   H:4.0

That bottom part of the wall should now open up. Loot away!


Secret #3 (20%)


Coordinates: X:-351   Y:64.0   Z:0490   H:5.8

Ever heard of the quote "you are what you eat"? I hope you haven't had pancakes for breakfast because that's what's gonna happen to you if you are not careful. There are two small holes along the walls (check out the map), one on each side (1 east and 1 west). You are supposed to use those for a brief respite from the crushing ceiling, and zig-zag your way to the other end of the room.

Now I say supposed-to because the design didn't work out that well for me. Either that, or I just couldn't pull it off well enough. I don't know. But what I do know was I found a satisfactory way to do it without getting killed. How? I SKIPPED the east hole entirely.

That's right. The reason is because the east hole is practically a hole. The west side looks like a hole but it isn't. It's flat. Running from one flat spot to another is a lot quicker than jumping out of a hole to run to another flat spot. Every millisecond counts. So I volunteered to be a temporary pancake twice - one to and one fro - just using the west "hole" as a go-between (it's possible to avoid getting squished on the way back out from the west "hole" but your timing has to be perfect). Just my personal take on it, so do what thou wilt.


Secret #4 (20%)


Coordinates: X:-450   Y:64.0   Z:0413   H:5.8

Jump across to the other side to get your loot and secret counted. When you're done, DON'T MOVE! STAY THERE, and go read up on Secret #5 next.


Secret #5 (21%)


Coordinates: X:-474   Y:64.0   Z:0460   H:5.8

If you turn to face your left, you will be facing a wall. Now that's not just any wall. It's a very special wall. Click on it, and it will open to reveal a narrow passage. Follow the winding passage. Once you reach the end, see that other platform across there? That's right. Just run and jump to the other platform to register the final secret in the game.

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Now you can retire from this game happy with the knowledge (and major bragging rights) that you had a 100% Secrets Accomplishment for Every Single Mission Level in Star Wars: Dark Forces without using a single cheat (I don't count LADATA as a cheat)! Yay! :D


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