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January 13, 2016
PC Gaming / SW Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II Level 1 Secrets

I am on a roll baby. Just fresh off from completing Star Wars: Dark Forces (and its secrets guide) and now I am about to take on its sequel Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II (and yes, I am planning to map a guide for this as well). Unfortunately, for this sequel I will only be attaching location snapshots as guides, complete with my award-winning arrow pointers, and specific details (and the occasional moaning and groaning)! The 3D map (especially!) and even the 2D overlay is driving me nuts, and I think including them will only serve to make things more confusing. Oh, how I miss the 2D maps from the original! And with that, onward to the secrets for Level 1: Double-Cross on Nar Shaddaa...


Secret #1


Go up the ramp. At the top of the ramp, jump onto the ledge. See that hole there? Jump into it to register your first secret in the game.


Secret #2


Drop off the bridge either side to a landing far below. Go right ahead past the pillar and get some goodies.


Secret #3


See that little alcove tucked away up there? Ride the escalator up, SQUAT/DUCK, and run your way into the alcove.


Secret #4

Run across the slanted ledges (you don't have to jump) to the end and have the secret area counted.


Secret #5

Position yourself like so facing the stack of cargo, and run and drop off toward the stack. There is a hole at the end of the stack. I'd suggest making a SAVE before you attempt this just in case you fall off while running on so thin a surfce.


Secret #6


Go around the corner of the stack, climb the ramp, and access the open grate. Go along the short corridor, and you should come around to a bridge. Drop over and loot away!


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