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February 13, 2016
PC Gaming / SW Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II Level 2 Secrets

A lot of jumping is required in Level 2: The Lost Disk if you want to have a perfect 8/8. Some of the secrets are not very forgiving with mistakes, so follow all instructions to the letter, ESPECIALLY Secret #3, the one with the forks. Prepare to die and reload many times to obtain some of the secrets, so this is a great time to practice SAVING often!


Secret #1


Go to the edge and look down. See the platform down below? Let yourself fall onto it. Need I say SAVE before you do it? There's plenty of loot waiting for you down there.


Secret #2


Jump onto that red-bordered crate, and face the end corner of the wall. Run and jump onto the ledge by the wall and have another secret counted. There is some loot there hidden in the dark as well. Simply engage your IR Goggles for a look-see, or just grab-and-go!


Secret #3

DO NOT PRESS ANY BUTTONS IN THE PITS, EVER! That's right, resist the urge because *ALL* the forks have to be in their original positions. A very tricky/deadly secret to get counted. SAVE already if you haven't, because there's a good chance you will fall to your death on your first try, or many subsequent tries to follow.


Now make your way to the fork on your right, and take a walk on the rightmost fork. Walk right to the edge. See that triangular landing at the bottom? That's where you want to get to. Specifically, the edge of the triangular landing.


Now back up and adjust your distance accordingly. You'll need to run to gather momentum and then jump off right at the edge of the fork to land at the triangular landing. Good luck!

If you make it to the landing, run to the new fork you see in the distance. It's parallel to the secret area you are trying to get to.


Secret #4


Drop down and climb the stack of crates. From there, jump to the other side to register a secret area.


Secret #5


Run/jump across to the other raising platform. Turn around and face the conveyor belt. When the rising platform is flush with the conveyor belt, drop down the gap between the conveyor belt and the platform you are on, and land in the area right below the conveyor belt, NOT all the way to the bottom! Since it's pretty dark down there, I have taken the liberty to IR-Goggle snapshot the area.


Secret #6


From the same rising platform you were on earlier in Secret #5, jump onto the passing crate that emerges, and then jump again into the cove. It's all about timing this one.


Secret #7


Again, from the same rising platform you were on earlier in Secret #5 & #6, wait for it to go up, and then simply jump onto the ledge to your left. Make your way around to the other side of the ledge to register yet another secret location.


Secret #8


Straddle the top of the wall all the way to the end, turn and look to your right, and jump across to the secret area.


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