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February 14, 2016
PC Gaming / SW Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II Video Fix

So here I was mapping the game for secret areas halfway through, and constant back and forth from game to menu finally yielded the following annoying screen.

Really... a VERY OLD game telling me I should try a lower setting. The GALL of it all!

Yes, my PC with Windows 7 is far more than capable of running this game! Hell, it ran Dark Forces ONE with no problems for crying out loud!!! Absolutely unacceptable, and I refuse to take No for an answer. Lower settings my a$$!

And hence begins my journey to look for a fix. I didn't have to go far. Some kind soul at the Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II community hub on Steam shared a solution. Simply unpack the following fix into your game folder.


If you are using Steam, unpack the content (ddraw.dll) into

[whatever drive]:/Steam/steamapps/common/Star Wars Jedi Knight

DO NOT RENAME! Anyway, no more problems for me thus far, so I am guessing the fix did the trick... on Valentine's Day! Hah! :)



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