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February 15, 2016
PC Gaming / SW Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II Level 3 Secrets

Level 3: The Return Home to Sulon reminds me a bit of an outdoor paintball field with barriers... minus the secret areas. That's right, two of the secret areas can be found outside at the starter area. The rest takes place indoor and beyond. Some of the secret areas are shrouded in darkness, so save up on power for your IR-Goggles. While you can try and feel your way to the areas, it's much faster (and less frustrating) to just put on the goggles and look! :)


Secret #1

This wall is located a little ways behind from where you first start out. Just shoot it and collect some goodies.


Secret #2

Another discoloured wall. This one is located by the left side of the building.


Secret #3

The wall above (I had already blown open a hole) is located by a stairway at the lower level with light flickering problems.


Secret #4

At the garden area, walk over and down the hallway with a collapsed beam at the end and a beam on the floor. Shoot the left section of the wall by the collapsed beam.


Secret #5

Shoot the cubby hole to your left.


Secret #6

From the pool area, head up the ramp. Halfway up the ramp there is an opening to your right bathed in total darkness. I have to IR-Goggle snapshot the area since the secret area is hard to see.


Secret #7

Take a nosedive into the acid pool (yeah, really!). Then run into the opening you see in the snapshot for some goodies, and get another secret area counted.


Secret #8

Once past the acid pools, head on up and you will find a dim hallway. Go through the hallway, and before going around one of the bends, there will be another opening to your right. IR-Goggles definitely recommended to find this one.


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