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April 30, 2010
Pets / My Cuddly Tenants

I just thought that I would introduce you to three of my cuddly and cute tenants.

Best of pals

I love the Siberian tiger. I found him in a Shang Ri La laundry bag in the hall of the house where I used to live back in USJ, Selangor, Malaysia. I used to say to hubby that if only his tail was battery operated and could swing to and fro, he would definitely scare any unwelcome visitors :P

The koala bear was a gift from a friend who migrated to Australia years ago. I have lost contact with her for some years now and hope that she is happy and in good health.

The brown lion belonged to my younger sister or was it one of my nephews or was it ... well, whatever, he was lounging around my mom and dad's so I decided to take him in and along the way, gave it to Hubby to watch over him when he was alone in Canada.


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