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May 2, 2014
Things that Suck / Vit C Supplements Laced with Suckralose

Vitamin C supplements! Yes, that was what caught my eye today while *patiently* waiting for the wife who couldn't seem to decide what shampoo to buy. Choices, choices, eh?! Just like the couple of Vitamin C supplements I saw. One was Jamieson, and another. Why did I bother? They were within reach of where I was standing in the store then. :)

Just in case you're wondering, no, I am not a pill-popper, although I must confess I have entertained the guilty thought of getting some for health reasons (or so they would have me believe!). But something about those bottles sitting there got me curious though. So I picked up the Jamieson one out of curiosity (I remember their ad in the Costco Connection awhile back toting the greatness of their products), and went straight to the ingredient label. No gluten, artificial colours or flavours. Check! Natural orange flavour. Check! (natural's always good in my books!) blah blah blah silice, sucralo... wait a minute.

Jamieson's Vitamin C... with Suckralose!

Sucrawhat? SUCRALOSE??? Like really? In a health product of all things?! Unbelievable. For the uninitiated who doesn't know what Suckra... I mean Sucralose is, in short, it is... oh what the heck, I'll just paste an excerpt from Splenda's site:

SPLENDA® Brand Sweetener, also known as sucralose, is a no-calorie sweetener that can be used as part of a healthy diet to reduce the calories and carbohydrate from sugar that you consume.

Funny they failed to mention the word ARTIFICIAL, which is just what it is - an ARTIFICIAL SWEETENER. How can anything good come from ingesting something artificial in one's body is beyond me, but hey, if you think otherwise and wanna go on being your bad self, go ahead. Seriously though, people actually buy into this crap? Oooh, and the excerpt even mentions "healthy diet". OK, to be fair, they did say "... as part of..." (aspartof... aspart... aspartame... WOW, talk about subtle brainwashing! Part 2's coming up!), neither clear on how big or small a part it can or should play, but regardless how can something artificial and chemical-laden be beneficial as part of a healthy diet?! Wouldn't that be counterproductive in the long term, or are we humans just so short-sighted a species nowadays?


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