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October 18, 2014
Things that Suck / IKEA Richmond + tall douchebag w/ goatee SUCKS!

So there I was with Wifey driving up to IKEA Richmond around 1:50pm, and what did we see? A bunch of union dudes LOCKED OUT of IKEA Richmond. Being a union guy myself, I can kinda understand what they have to go through since I went through being locked out myself in a corporation I work with. But we were on a budget, and we needed furniture, so thought we would give it a look-see. In hindsight, we should have turned back and maybe spent the next hour shooting zombies on my computer. That would have at least been more productive (yes, in my book, ridding a hundred or more digital zombies counts as far more productive than having to deal with the type of morons in-store we just encountered). WARNING: I don't mince words. If easily offended, read no further and click here instead ---> I'M-NOT-WORTHY!-I-SUCK!

Anyway, Wifey and I were looking for this one particular sofa, a three-seater (Ektorp) and an Ottoman to match when we decided to find someone to inquire about shipping details. Workers were noticably absent (murmurs from other customers reflect dissatisfaction), and the one or two we came across were deeply engrossed with other customers. Wifey was practically told off by one of them when she tried to get her attention just for a quick question (worker reply: "I'm busy with another"). No sorry, no nothing, and the female worker just walks away. Hey, if they were really that busy/stressed, no problemo, just be polite about it. No need to brush your customers off like that. Our time is equally precious, and we could have done better things with our time too.

Never mind her then. I remember this one tall guy with a goatee around the furniture section who seemed unoccupied (I wondered why then! I found out in a bit), so thought we'd give him a try. It was around 3:00pm then. Wifey proceeds to inquire about the difference in shipping between ordering online and getting it from the store, and he said there was no difference in shipping and it was about $79 or something. Something about the product being shipped from their warehouse in Montreal (they don't have it in stock at IKEA Richmond itself?!?!?!). Wifey then proceeded to ask him about the furniture itself, and why one Ottoman on display had plain naked sponge surrounding the lower area, while the sponge of another Ottoman of the same type had covering. He did not understand, so I proceeded to pull up the skirts of one of the furniture and explain. He expressed disbelief, and wanted to know where I saw that in which furniture. I told him I saw it at the furniture section, and he was like "Show me!".

Something about the tone of his voice irked me then. I don't like that feeling. That is usually a bad sign, and of equally even worse things to come. I proceeded to the furniture section with him and pointed out how BOTH Ottomans of the SAME make and the SAME price tag had 2 very *different* paddings. His response? The Ottoman comes as is, and they have no control over the padding difference. Basically, he's telling me and Wifey that we get what we get because according to this sorry excuse for a male, they have four manufacturers making the Ottoman and they have no control over what gets sent over. I questioned him on that, and noted that the naked sponge and the other not-so-naked one was a big difference, and I'm paying the same price tag. And so this douchebag counters by saying the idea of big difference is a matter of opinion, and insinuated that it wasn't a big deal. Same price tag, same type of furniture with 2 different quality control, the difference was like apples and oranges, cost was around TWO HUNDRED alone for this one furniture if shipping was included, and that's not a big deal? WOW, I must be living on the wrong planet! Can someone please point me and Wifey to the right one where this douche comes from? OK, seriously, maybe this loser didn't get laid over the weekend, or maybe he's suffering a hangover, or maybe, just maybe his girlfriend/wife/partner just dumped his sorry a$$. Or maybe he just simply woke up on the wrong side of the bed and got stupid, or maybe he was really simply just an a$$hole (sometimes the most obvious answer is really just the very answer!).

So I asked him if we could return it, and he counters by saying they don't take returns due to worker shortage (Really, I wonder why!), and any returns will have to be processed at IKEA Coquitlam. Fine, how about checking the furniture there and then to make sure they have the *PROPER* padding? And this male tells me he cannot allow us to do that, and we have to accept the packages AS IS! Basically, if we didn't like it, we can take a hike to IKEA at Coquitlam and deal with it there. And then this douchebag walks away like we didn't exist and wasn't worth his time.

Now, in case you are wondering, NO, at no time during the conversation was Wifey and I being rude, or obnoxious at all. I work in the service industry, so I know how this works. Questions are justified when buying a product, and all the more so if you're paying over SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS for them. And you only get proper answers with the right attitude (treat others the same way you want to be treated). So I don't know what was up with this sorry piece of condescending shyte. Was he deliberately just trying to make IKEA look bad, or what? Either way, IKEA Richmond's off our list of future shopping destinations. Money is ours, product is theirs. If we don't like the service, we can take our hard-earned money elsewhere to benefit another with better knowledge and customer service. So IKEA Richmond (and yes, you, the tall douchebag with a goatee!), go screw yourself!


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