Star Wars: Dark Forces / Mission VI Secrets


The following gaming guide was originally published as a Steam guide back in December 5, 2015. It was the first guide I'd ever written, starting from Mission VI backwards (and then onwards again after Mission I), hence the weird sortation order.

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Just got back into playing Star Wars: Dark Forces on my Windows 7 system a couple of weeks ago. After playing it for awhile, I was suddenly struck by a strong sense of desire to do up a guide for all the secrets I had found in the game. Not just any guide. A GRAPHICAL GUIDE that is, which I had found to be interestingly lacking around the Net. Sure, there are a bunch of well-written guides and walkthroughs that provide coordinates and stuff, but I'm a visual person. And so, I will be mapping it as I go along deeper into the game. As of this writing, I am just starting on Mission VII. For now, I have completed a graphical secrets guide for Mission VI: Detention Center, which you will find below. The first of many to come. :)

Special thanks to the excellent FAQ/Walkthrough by KLoepelmann hosted at GameFAQs. I use it mainly as a reference point for gaming and finding secrets I miss. Anyways, onward with the visual Secrets...

Secret #1 (7%)

Coordinates: X:0110 Y:128.0 Z:0157 H:5.8

Secret #2 (7%)

Coordinates: X:0112 Y:148.0 Z:0359 H:5.8

Secret #3 (7%)

Coordinates: X:0181 Y:110.0 Z:0372 H:5.8

Secret #4 (7%)

Coordinates: X:0108 Y:128.0 Z:0437 H:5.8

Inside the hole, if you look up you will see a cracked section of the wall. Blowing up the section will allow you inside a new area with some goodies (which you will get to eventually anyway when you get the red door opened much later in the game). This extra area is optional and does not count as a secret.

Secret #5 (7%)

Coordinates: X:0089 Y:128.0 Z:0444 H:5.8

Blow up the cracked section above and jump up into it. It has been suggested in some quarters that it's impossible to get into the small opening, and thus a cheat was needed. That's not true. It can be done without any fancy moves actually. Just run straight at the hole and jump continuously to fit into it. Finesse be damned. All you want is the points, right? Not your ego stroked? LOL OK, fine, if ego is so important to you, there is the crouch-run-jump method as well which I have tried, and it works fine and dandy too. Very confined space to perform, but still doable. :)

Secret #6 (7%)

Coordinates: X:0102 Y:64.0 Z:0505 H:5.8

Detonating the mine in front of the wall will blow a hole through it.

Secret #7 (8%)

Coordinates: X:0144 Y:68.0 Z:0514 H:5.8

Just like Secret #6, detonating the mine in front of the wall will reveal the secret area.

Secret #8 (7%)

Coordinates: X:0155 Y:64.0 Z:0441 H:5.8

There's an elevator inside the secret area that leads down to more goodies.

Secret #9 (7%)

Coordinates: X:0107 Y:64.0 Z:0441 H:5.8

Secret #10 (7%)

Coordinates: X:0093 Y:64.0 Z:0461 H:5.8

Shoot the blue logo at the wall, and elsewhere on this level another part of a wall will open up. It's actually the opposite far end left of the wall from the elevator you arrived earlier in (see next pair of screenshots below). So basically after you shoot that logo, you then have to run like hell back toward the newly revealed opening up in the wall, jump into it and enjoy your new loot. Good luck! :) But really, this is just worth 7%??? 7 friggin' percent?!?!?!

Coordinates: X:0089 Y:72.0 Z:0502 H:5.8

Secret #11 (7%)

Coordinates: X:0024 Y:-32.0 Z:0400 H:5.8

Secret #12 (7%)

Coordinates: X:0116 Y:-36.0 Z:0354 H:5.8

Secret #13 (7%)

Coordinates: X:0193 Y:62.0 Z:0542 H:5.8

Secret #14 (8%)

Coordinates: X:0232 Y:59.0 Z:0615 H:5.8