Star Wars Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith / Level 1 Secrets

Mysteries of the Sith

I was originally working on this gaming guide back in late 2016, when for some reason or another I had lost all my saved games. :( Therefore, the graphical guide was incomplete as I couldn't finish the game and left it at that (plus a thousand other distractions along the way didn't help). It was only recently that I decided to get back into the game, start from scratch again and finish it off, along with the guide which was left in limbo around Level 9. It is now complete, and hopefully you'll find it useful. :)

Special thanks go out to intermp's Secrets Guide which I had used as a reference point for secrets I could not find/simply missed, as well as the Walkthrough guide by GameBoomers (author?) when I got lost and couldn't make sense of things. :P

Select your choice of mission secret areas:


Level 1: New Republic Base on Altyr 5 has six secrets sprinkled around the map, two of which are right across from each other above at the rafters. The two keywords for the latter half of the secrets in this level is "grate" and "slashable"!

Secret #1

Force Jump up onto the ledge. Around the corner on the right towards the far wall, you will see an orange opening. Go on in, look up and you will see a hole in the ceiling. Force Jump up again through the hole and loot away.

Secret #2

Force Jump up onto the rafters above, and collect the goodie on one end. Then STAY WHERE YOU ARE, DON'T MOVE, and read Secret 3.

Secret #3

Sprint across the beams to the other end and collect the other goodie. How about that, eh? Two secrets within close proximity!!!

Secret #4

Among the three grates here by the wall, the furthest to the left is breakable. Slash through the grate with your lightsaber and grab the loot.

Secret #5

Jump over the rail by the power generator and access the slashable grate below. The secret is also similarly accessible from the other side of this structure.

Secret #6

In this cargo area right before your encounter with the AT-ST at the bay next door, there is yet another slashable grate to the left of the door farther ahead.