hubby says:

I have been gaming since around 10 years old on my very first computer - a green monochrome Apple II compatible. I still remember my very first game on a good old floppy disk - Karateka. That simple side-scrolling 2D platform game set me on a path to greater discoveries of the many genres that existed back then. From graphical text adventure games like Tass Times in Tonetown and early RPGs like the Ultima series to quiz games like Millionwaire and even chess games like Sargon III, yes, I have played many in my time. I even bothered my neighbour to play Green Beret on his Commodore 64! Graduating later to a PC compatible 386, I discovered city-building simulations like Simcity and first person shooters like Castle Wolfenstein 3D. As the years went by with every computer upgrade I immersed myself in any game I could get my hands on. Doom? Check! Romance of the Three Kingdoms II? SimAnt? Check! Strip Poker 3 (secretly played)? Checcccck! That's right, no genre was off-limits.

Then there was getting away from the PC during schooldays to patronize arcade gaming centres to play fighting games like Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat II. Years later when the world was introduced to the Internet saw me playing MUDs - text-based RPG games - to beta-testing early online MMOs like Ultima Online and Everquest. As I got even older, games like Baldurs Gate, Icewind Dale, Fallout, the Total War series and the Grand Theft Auto series found me. Yes, by then there were way too many games and life distractions, and too little time to play them all, resulting in me simply trying to play catch-up nowadays.

However, playing all those games all those years helped me to understand the type of gamer I was - a completist of sorts! Not an ultra-completist but a selective completist as in I enjoy the achievement of simply discovering *certain* things in games, like secret rooms, hidden flags, buried loot, etc. If there were 10 secret rooms, I had to discover 10 secret rooms. 9 just wouldn't do. Back in the old days of sans Internet, help was hard to come by in locating some really hard-to-discover spot or object. Today, there are plenty of gaming guides online - some informative, some not so, and some a mix of both with an outrageous amount of irritating ads on site.

And so I have decided to make an AD-FREE GAMING WEBSITE to host secret and loot walkthroughs in addition to gaming tips for some of the games I have enjoyed playing, and dedicate this site to all like-minded gamers looking for the very same thing - a simple 100% completion of secrets or loot discovered, and then some... maybe. :)

wifey says:

My first encounter with computers was when I was enrolled in a teacher's training course at the age of 19. I remember *fondly* the classic game Pacman which I couldn't for the life of me play, and the tune that played when you met your demise really really irked me. At one point in time, I worked for a PC educational software company for children. I enjoyed those a lot and that was where I was introduced to games such as Civilization, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, and a ship trading game (the title of which I cannot recall today) which involved making millions of money (it wasn't Taipan :)).

Genre-wise, my first experience with a computer role-playing game (CRPG) was the original Fallout where shortly after leaving the underground vault, I was promptly introduced to battle with rats! To this day, Hubby still recalls with utter dismay my character's demise to the lowly rodents. Undeterred, I went on to play other CRPG games like Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Planescape Torment and so on and so forth, the most recent one being Pillars of Eternity, which sequel I have yet to play.

Other genres like Massively Multiplayer Online RPGs include Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) - which was the first MMO I actually got into - Rift, and Neverwinter. From then on, I played or tried to *sample* the story/gameplay of MMORPGs that I could get my hands.

My areas of gaming interest lay primarily in massively multiplayer online games. I played Lord of the Rings online for more than a decade and finally decided since I have seen the Black Gate of Mordor and the One Ring (to rule Hubby) has finally been tossed into fiery pits of Mount Doom, it was time for me to lay it to rest and moved on to other MMOs. Currently I am playing Lost Ark which I had started with such zeal and has since toned down to casual playing and raiding with a group of players from a guild on a different server on weekends.

Aside from the gamestyles mentioned above, another genre of games that I have discovered over the last two years are the gacha games. The first one was Genshin Impact which I have found the lore to be pretty intriguing and the stories and events equally interesting. I enjoy collecting the different characters slowly as an F2P. The second game is Onmoyji which has a different playstyle and revolves around shikigamis and onmyojis.

Hubby has asked me hundreds (a bit exaggerated) of times to write about the games I play. Unfortunately, those games have many dedicated websites, Youtubers and fans writing about them online so I felt it was kind of useless and a waste of time to rewrite what has been written so poor Hubby has been the sole contributer to this website! Keep up the good job, Hubby! Fighting!