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Blue Lantern Triad Set

The Blue Lantern Triad Set gives you 5% bonus Triad XP, experience which can *only* be obtained by doing the main story missions.

Part Clothing Cost Face Store District
Torso Couronne Tank Top (black) $1,080 2 Hang + Sui North
Knock Off J. Jiggler Jersey (green) $850 1 Savings City
Ikoze Pride V Neck (yellow) $500 2 Achete Central
Pants J. Jiggler Track Pants (red) $749 2 J. Jiggler North
J. Jiggler Track Pants (white)
Knock-Off J. Jiggler Track Pants (brown) $500 2 Very Best Discount Store
Knock-Off J. Jiggler Track Pants (blue)
Shoes Ikoze Talent (white) $850 2 Even Better Discount Clothing North
Ikoze Talent (green) $840