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2020-05-03 - Launched this Mount Insignia Bonus section. * PINNED *

The original purpose of compiling this section is to allow me, the wife, and anyone in my Alliance who's interested to have a quick look at what mounts are supported by which Mount Insignia Bonus while updating our toons. In the old days I would have gone straight to for the information. Alas, as of this writing, the site has not been updated in awhile.

Therefore, I have taken the liberty to carry on the good work, and hope the continually updated information will help some folks in deciding which mount would meet their personal needs and budget. I have also decided to adopt the same drop-down menu design for quick links while presenting the information in a much more straightforward manner, complete with colour-coding.

Most of the mount information was directly sourced first-hand from mounts I personally owned, and from some of the peeps in my Alliance who also owned them (thanks guys!). Some were garnered from simply studying the mounts listed on the Auction House, Zen Market and the Tarmalune Trade Bar Merchant. One could glean a lot of information by knowing the insignia slot types, and then putting all the pieces together.

For the few mounts which I had no reliable first-hand info, I have had to turn to the informative site to fill in the gaps. And what info lacked on some mounts, I have had to in turn check out to permanently fill in the rest.

And so, a big thank you to all who helped directly/indirectly in making this section possible. My goal is to keep this section updated as the Mods come and go (and as long as I continue playing the game). If you have any questions, suggestions, or criticisms (constructive please), feel free to contact me in-game under the handle Gorbash@somenwplaya. Any hint or form of harassment will not be tolerated, and will guarantee you a spot on my *permanent* ignore list without warning. So in short, be nice - it's free and it doesn't cost you anything (and God knows we need a lot of it in these troubled times). If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. Thank you. - Gorbash (Cult of the Purple Worm)

2021-09-19 - Added Noble Pegasus and Pegasus.
2021-06-21 - Added Feywild Griffon, Feywild Stag, Infernal War Machine, Axe Beak (Legacy) and Flail Snail (Legacy).
2021-04-03 - Added Chicken.
2021-03-04 - Added Hag's Hexing Cauldron and Hag's Cooking Cauldron.
2021-02-14 - Added Butterfly Wings and New Year's Ox.

2020-12-28 - Added Broom of Twilight.
2020-12-08 - Added Polar Siege Bear and Brown Siege Bear.
2020-10-04 - Added Stick Chicken.
2020-09-25 - Added Celestial Wings.
2020-09-18 - Updated database to reflect new mount insignia bonus changes: retired 2 insignia slots and replaced with 3 insignia slots instead.
2020-09-15 - Added Crystalline Warhorse, Mottled Rage Drake, Fancy Stick Pony and New Year's Boar. Amended Royal Winter Sled and Frozen Winter Sled.
2020-08-19 - Added Glorious Whirlwind
2020-07-17 - Added Halaster's Whirly Whirlwind.
2020-07-03 - Added Starry Sphere.
2020-06-29 - Added Legendary Infernal War Machine.
2020-06-25 - Added Green Owlbear.
2020-06-06 - Added Mythic King of Spines.
2020-06-05 - Added Striped Rage Drake, Enlarged Chicken, and Stick Chicken.
2020-06-04 - Added Slaghound.
2020-05-27 - Added Yellow Butterfly Swarm.
2020-05-26 - Added Red Butterfly Swarm.
2020-05-25 - Added Blue Butterfly Swarm.
2020-05-10 - Completed and published Expanded section.
2020-05-04 - Added Golden Warhorse.